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Building the future of
e-commerce together

Welcome to Medeo Group, where digital transformation meets exponential growth! We are your trusted companion in the exciting journey of digitalization, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of online selling. With our unrivaled partnerships with Europe’s largest marketplaces, we make it effortless for you to distribute your products online and connect with millions of eager customers.

What we do

In a fast-paced world of eCommerce, adaptability is key to survival. The demands for immediate availability and convenience have pushed existing business models to their limits. Your brand’s success hinges on one crucial factor: how swiftly you can connect with the final customer online. That’s where Medeo Group steps in. We specialize in guiding brands through the digitalization process, equipping them with our cutting-edge in-house technology to seamlessly access the vast European eCommerce market. Stay ahead of the curve and secure your brand’s place in the digital landscape with Medeo Group.

Without Medeo

Limited control over pricing policies, resulting in products being sold at exorbitant prices by multi-layered distributors. This not only damages the brand’s reputation but also significantly diminishes potential profits.

With Medeo

Regain control over pricing policies, don’t let your hard-earned profits slip through the cracks, maintain a strong brand image and maximize your revenue potential.

Medeo Groupe in Numbers

Medeo Group in Numbers

Experience the freedom to excel in what you do best – manufacturing exceptional products – while we handle the rest. Our comprehensive solution provides brands with a seamless experience as we take care of every aspect. From creating your digital product to expanding its reach across various online platforms, managing customer service, handling billing and marketing, to ensuring smooth transportation, we’ve got you covered.


Leveraging our technical expertise, extensive scale, and strategic partnerships with marketplaces and transporters, we empower your brand with enhanced visibility, reduced costs, and increased net margins. With Medeo Group, you can continue selling your products using your existing processes, while we seamlessly manage the complexities on your behalf. Our integration process is swift and effortless, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your brand.


Medeo Group serves as a seamless bridge between traditional business-to-business brands and direct business-to-consumer transactions. With zero setup costs and swift integration, we enable brands to effortlessly transition into the world of online selling. By partnering with us, traditional brands can quickly tap into the vast consumer market without any financial barriers. Experience the benefits of expanding your reach and embracing direct-to-consumer sales with Medeo Group by your side.

Trusted by the biggest e-retailers in Europe​



Unlock additional revenue streams with our solution, yielding up to 30% increase as seen with our current partnering brands.


Enhance your brand image whilst retaining complete flexibility to set and adjust your pricing strategies.


Witness the speed and simplicity of our technical integration process. Seamlessly integrate your products, enjoying a hassle-free experience and swift implementation.

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