Life at Medeo Group

Our offices, occupying over 800 square meters in the center of Paris, London, Geneva and Casablanca, are always open to welcoming talented individuals.

Our Mission

We empower brands through digitalization, enabling them to fully leverage online selling opportunities and achieve exponential growth in a fast-paced world of eCommerce where adaptability is key to survival.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the catalyst for the digital transformation of brands, fundamentally changing and democratizing their approach in connecting to the end consumer, while becoming the top choice for businesses pursuing exponential growth in the digital age.

Our Values

At Medeo Group, we embody and live by our core values: Operational Excellence, Transparency, Humility, and Diversity. These values guide us every day as a united team, supporting one another to collectively pursue our shared vision.

40+ people

As our team continues to expand rapidly, we are continuously seeking out new and talented individuals to join us.


active brands from all around Europe waiting to be integrated.


Similar to investment banks, we uphold a belief in excellence, providing our business developers with a fixed salary and a performance-based bonus tied to their achieved results.

4x YoY growth

Established in Paris in 2021, Medeo Group is a flourishing startup that boasts an unprecedented growth rate, positioning itself as the leading partner for both brands and marketplaces, aiming to secure the top spot in the industry.

We are passionately building the next generation of online retail

At Medeo Group, our commitment lies in assisting brands and marketplaces in overcoming obstacles presented by dominant players within the eCommerce industry. We firmly believe in cultivating an environment of fair competition and enabling brands to flourish within the digital realm. Through our robust partnerships with Europe’s prominent marketplaces, we offer alternative pathways for expansion and aid our clients in realizing their complete online selling capabilities. Our mission is to empower businesses and foster a democratised, equitable, and diverse eCommerce ecosystem.

Co-Founder and CEO

What are we looking for?


Be quick on your feet, learn quickly, and proactively anticipate challenges.


Stay determined and execute tasks with meticulous attention to detail.


Dream big! Medeo Group is passionately ambitious, what about you?

Stay true to yourself

Embrace good vibes by simply being yourself.

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