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Unlock additional revenue streams with our solution, yielding up to 30% increase as seen with our current partnering brands.

Full Control

Enhance your brand image whilst retaining complete flexibility to set and adjust your pricing strategies.

Fast and simple

Witness the speed and simplicity of our technical integration process. Seamlessly integrate your products, enjoying a hassle-free experience and swift implementation.

We take care ofEveything

Digitalisation & Automation

Our dedicated team will assist you in collecting and organizing all your product data, including pictures, barcodes, attributes, and descriptions, ensuring the data is accurate and clean. With the expertise of our technical team, we will establish automated systems to retrieve stock and price data seamlessly. Whether you prefer working with flat files, sFTP/FTP, or API, we can accommodate your needs. Rest assured, we will handle the setup of processes and provide you with daily order updates for efficient shipping operations.

Customer service & billing

Our comprehensive customer service team, located in-house in France, is dedicated to providing exceptional support via phone, email, and dedicated chats. Fluent in French, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, our team ensures effective communication with your customers. Rest assured, you will only hear from us in exceptional cases when a client claims their warranty. Additionally, we simplify the billing process by individually invoicing the end clients, leaving you with the convenience of billing us just once for the products we sold on your behalf.

Marketing & catalog distribution

Sit back and relax as we handle the creation of your products on every marketplace we partner with, a process that typically takes around a week. Our close collaboration with these marketplaces allows us to effectively promote your products on their homepages, dedicated product pages, and even newsletters, maximizing their visibility. With constant monitoring of competitors’ prices and market trends, we ensure your products maintain a competitive edge and secure the top position. Leveraging our automated pricing technology, we guarantee that you always have the buy box, providing you with a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Flexible Fulfillment Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Congratulations if you can directly ship products to the end customers! You’ll receive a daily order pick list from us. However, if that’s not feasible, we offer three alternative solutions:

  1. Cross-docking model: We consolidate the orders and collect them from your warehouse. Subsequently, we handle the shipping process to deliver them to the final clients.
  2. Open warehouse model: Our team can visit your warehouse to prepare the orders on-site, and our designated transporters will then collect them for delivery.
  3. Fulfillment model: Simply provide us with your best-selling products, and we will directly ship them from our warehouses located in France.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs, and we’ll ensure efficient order fulfillment for a seamless customer experience.


Connect with us by filling out the contact form below. We'll promptly reach out to schedule our initial meeting, where we will delve into a comprehensive discussion to gain deeper insights into your requirements. During this meeting, we'll cover various aspects such as products, finance, and data, ensuring a thorough understanding of your needs.


Following our initial meeting, our dedicated account manager team will provide you with a comprehensive list of required documents and information to initiate the onboarding process. Throughout this process, we will be by your side, offering continuous support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition.


Once we have collected all the necessary information, we will initiate the catalog creation phase, which typically takes around two weeks to set up. During this time, you can expect to start receiving your very first orders, allowing you to kick-start your sales journey without delay.


With your catalog successfully launched and processes defined, we will shift our focus towards executing impactful marketing campaigns and promotions. Additionally, we will begin sharing data on the best-selling references, enabling us to collaboratively capture a larger market share. Together, we will leverage this valuable information to optimize your sales strategies and drive mutually beneficial growth.

Contact us for more details!

Our response time to your inquiry is typically within two business days.